Last year, our 2019 mission took us to the Andes Mountains in July to work with 40+ Colombian volunteers in caring for 1500+ patients. Led by Gisella Alvarez and Dr. Bruce Sands, we offered primary medical care including internal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, optometry, physical therapy, wound care and nursing along with giving fluoride treatments to the kids. This was our fifth year to work with two medical schools in Bucaramanga who sent 28 medical students from 7 medical schools across Colombia to translate for our doctors and nurses and to help with our major education program. Their quote was,



"In medical school we learn to practice medicine. Here we learn to practice medicine with a heart! This is changing who we will be as doctors!"



It is a great team making a major difference in the lives of these patients.

We partner with the Nutrition and Dietetics Department at Kansas University Medical
Center to create and deliver meaningful nutrition and exercise knowledge in ways that
the patients get tools that they can use right away in making necessary changes in
their lives, based specifically on their history and current diagnoses. This is especially
important with the increase in Type 2 diabetes, obesity and hypertension seen in this
population. We also are teaching women to take care of their own bodies, including
how to do self breast examinations. Our Colombian optometry team provides 400 eye
examinations and 300 pair of prescription glasses to children and young adults. This
is the third year that our medical students will be doing sex education for those
between the ages of 13 and 22!

We mission different. 

Every year, the LAUGHH team embarks on a health and wellness mission to Santander, Colombia. For one week, volunteers from all over the world come together to provide medical support and education to rural towns outside Bucaramanga, Colombia. 

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